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Creature rigging system analysis

Project detail

The purpose of the project : R&D to create realistic creature rigging asset by using my own rigging framework.

Animation supervisor : Chalermpol Wattanawongtrakool , His background has experience working on

'The Lion king feature film'(2019)

I have been developing this rigging system since 2016 and there are a lot of thing to improve. Fortunately that I have been surrounding with talented animator,modeler and senior rigger who always give feedback which help me improving on individual areas such as an animated character / creature for VFX which required a different detail and framework.I still need to learn and expand my experiences for riggingTD/CFX. I’m really happy to show my progress and I’m will be pleased if you drop your thoughts and any feedback, feel free to

let me know.



Bone diagram from :

Video reference:


Model Asset(Bone&Muscle)

I using the model from Nioclas Morel

Now, The model have only bone& muscle without skin layer. So The skin layer will create by my friend is still working in progress. However the bone&muscle need to clean up topology suitable for CFX stage.


Rigging Stage!

I'm developing this quadruped rigging system by using Python script.

Now I'm build primary rig controls and rough skinning with bone geometry.

I created key rig feature of scapula part.

"Limb Lock " Attribute

Keep the scapula’s position while the whole chest moving.So the rotation of the chest won’t effect the scapula’s volume and shape

" Auto move" Attribute

The attribute can bending scapula automate rotate follow with the leg IK controls

Next step will continue to create rib cage and toe rigging module!

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